Most people believe that stamped concrete looks entirely different from regular concrete. Some even think that it’s a totally different product. That’s not right. Although the fundamentals are similar and the system used is the same, there is still a lot of differences between the two. For instance, stamped concrete and standard concrete are used for entries like a concrete driveway Columbus GA. If so, then their thickness is typically equal and the structural strength is equivalent.  

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Standard concrete is the usual concrete built anywhere in the streets, exits, patios, pathways and standard pavement. It is usually placed on compact gravel or natural soil base. The reinforcement is placed on the foundation, usually wire mesh or rebars. Concrete may be classified according to its desired thickness for use. For example, a driveway with light trucks and cars are generally 4 cm thick. The concrete ready-mix is also used in areas with harsh winters. It has a 28-day strength requirement. Place concrete, strike it off, and finish off as a sponge. The concrete is then cured with water and other agents.  

Stamped Concrete Basics   

Stamped concrete may be poured very similarly into normal concrete. All steps are typically the same with the exception of the final steps. Such concrete is colored and the pigment is usually applied to the mixture. It may be colored using a pigment hardener, although many contractors may use integral colors.   

Many contractors go a step further to press the concrete in order to make it very smooth. But despite the desired consistency of the concrete, the rubber imprints the concrete like stamps. So as stamps won’t stick to the base, and antiquating, color release agent is used. Many contractors put curing agents on the surface of the concrete for repair until the following day or as the concrete is washed and screened using a sealer.  

In short, regular and stamped concrete is like the same. The surface of the two isn’t much different than what each type feels like. Many people think that concrete stamped isn’t as durable as regular concrete but that simply isn’t the case. Its hardness can only make stamped concrete less durable. Snow removal equipment such as snowplow will damage stamped concrete as well.  

Hire the Best Concrete Contractors   

Whether you need regular concrete or stamped concrete, then you need to hire the experts. Those are the people who can provide you with the grandest experience and best results. You’ll gain so much from hiring the experts and not fly-by-night contractors that may only do a good job at the start but offers a questionable end result.   

When hiring concrete contractors, look at the reputation of the company. Be sure that they have been in business for a very long time. You want to hire somebody who can provide you with a service guarantee. That’s your protection as a consumer, knowing that if there’s anything wrong with the installation, you can always count on them to do some repairs. Consult with some professional associations and organizations if you are not sure.